a mother smiles at her two young daughters, and her toddler son for their spring family portrait session at the Utah State Capitol

Easy Tips for Joyful and Stress-Free Spring Family Photos

Isn’t spring wonderful? The sun is out and the snow has (hopefully) melted. You can finally trade your parka for a jacket. Yes!!! What better way to celebrate than to have spring family photos taken? Here are some tips to make your portrait session happy and stress-free!

What to Wear

Pastels and light-colored neutrals are a must in order to get that spring vibe! Layers are always cute and especially useful in the spring when the weather can still get chilly in the mornings and evenings. Wear mostly solid colors with a few pops of patterns. Lay out your outfits together to make sure the colors and styles complement each other. And make sure your outfits will complement rather than clash with your location. We give our clients style tips based on their location! (Or location suggestions based on their outfit colors.) You will look amazing for your family photos this spring!

a young girl in a pink dress and white sweater, a toddler boy in a white dress shirt and tan pants, and a girl in a light blue dress and pink sweater all stand in the grass on the grounds of the utah state capitol in the spring


  1. Blossoms—Blossoms are very popular for family photo sessions in the spring! You can find incredible blossoms at several orchards in Salt Lake and Utah County. The Utah State Capitol is also a great place for blossoms.
  2. Gardens—Although the leaves haven’t completely come back yet, gardens usually have beautiful spring flowers. Many of the larger local gardens have ornamental structures such as gazebos, arches, and trellises that can give photos a spring vibe all year long.
  3. Year-Round Locations—Here in Utah you just never know when spring will actually arrive. If you want a location that you can count on to look beautiful no matter when spring decides to come, pick a location that looks good all year round, such as a location with pine trees or a lake.
a father, mother, and their two daughters, and son smile at each other with the spring blossoms behind them on the grounds of the utah state capitol

What to Bring

What you bring is just as important as what you wear! Here are a few things you may want to bring in order to help keep your kids smiling throughout your spring photo session:

  • Snacks—Bring snacks that won’t spill or stain such as Ritz crackers and string cheese.
  • Movies/ Music—Have your kids’ favorite movies or music downloaded on a tablet or phone.
  • Toys—Bring a couple of your kids’ favorite toys such as a favorite doll or stuffed animal. I’ve been known to balance toys on my head to get a laugh!
  • Coats—It can get chilly in the spring so make sure you bring coats for everyone, just in case.
  • Another adult—We recommend bringing another adult to entertain your younger kids so that you can have a few couples photos taken.
a mother wearing a white sweater and cream colored dress holds her toddler son with blossoming trees behind them in salt lake city

When to Hold a Spring Session

We’ve seen blossoms come out as early as the beginning of April and as late as the middle of May. If you are more interested in green leaves and grass in your photos, we recommend holding your spring family session in mid-May.

Flower Crowns

So, what happens if you had your heart set on a family photo session with blossoms and those blossoms just aren’t coming? Bring flower crowns! You can get some really cute ones on Amazon, or splurge and have custom flower crowns made from one of our incredibly talented local florists.

After Your Session

Be sure to plan a fun activity for after your spring family session. My personal favorite is ice cream. Of course, hot chocolate might be more your thing, especially if it was a bit cold during your photo session. If the weather is nice, why not reward your littles with a picnic at the park to help them get their wiggles out?

a husband wearing a cobalt blue shirt and cream colored khakis holds his wife wearing a cream colored spring dress on the grounds of the utah state capitol

Spring Family Photos

Has it been awhile since you had your family photos taken? Or are you wanting an excuse to get a cute new spring outfit? Melissa Woodruff Photography has over 10 years of experience photographing families in Utah! Contact us if you would love to have spring family photos filled with laughter and fun!

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