three young girls in pink, cream, and peach colored dresses laugh during their portraits at the Blank Space Studios

4 Great Photo Studios for Family Portraits

Photo studios are a fantastic option for family portraits! It’s really nice to know that you won’t have to postpone your family session due to weather conditions. It’s also great to know that you (and your kids) won’t feel too hot or too cold while having your portraits taken. If you have little kids you’ll love that almost every studio has bathrooms (and many of them are equipped with changing tables). The beautiful neutral backgrounds allow the focus of your photos to be where you want it—on your family. If you live in Salt Lake or Utah County, chances are there’s a photo studio near you!

two families smile for their family portraits at the Blank Space Studios in American Fork

The Blank Space Studios

The Blank Space Studios in American Fork has two beautiful natural light studios. Each studio has a large, white wall perfect for extended family portraits. They also have smaller, different colored walls that are great for individual families. Both studios have a variety of furniture and props. Usually, at least one of the studios will have seasonal props. If your interested in seasonal portraits, contact The Blank Space to find out which studio has them.

a young girl wearing a long sleeve pink dress and a teenage girl wearing blue jeans, a pink shirt, and a white denim jacket smile for their portraits at the Blank Space Studios

The Studio on Main

The Studio on Main is another natural light studio in American Fork. This studio is great for smaller families—especially families with young children. It has some adorable small chairs and benches for toddlers and wicker baskets and a crib perfect for capturing lifestyle newborn photos. Best of all, this is by far the most affordable studio in Salt Lake and Utah County!

Wild Willow Studio

Wild Willow Studio is a cute natural light studio in the heart of downtown Salt Lake City. Like The Studio on Main, Wild Willow Studio is great for small families and lifestyle newborn sessions. They also offer a guide to help to calm your baby (very helpful for photo sessions). Because of its convenient location, you could treat your kids to a picnic or have some fun at the Clark Planetarium after your family portrait session!

three young girls in pink, cream, and peach dresses smile during their family portrait session at The Blank Space Studios in American Fork

The White Space Studios

White Space Studios has four convenient natural light studio locations around Utah, so there’s a good chance you have one fairly close to you.

  • Provo—Are you a fan of soft, neutral backgrounds? I recommend looking at the east and south studios at the Provo location. The east studio can accommodate families of around 10 people, while the south studio is better for small families.
  • Sandy—If you are looking for a little more texture to your family portraits, check out Studio A. It has a beautiful light peach colored brick wall that can fit a family of about 10 people, and a white wall that works for smaller families.
  • Bountiful—The colors in the large studio are truly unique! There is a light gray wall for medium sized families, and light blush, light blue, and lilac walls for small families.
  • St. George—Thank goodness White Space Studios has a location in St. George! There is only one other natural light studio in the whole city. (Between you and me, White Space is definitely the better choice!) Fortunately, the studio is large enough to hold a family portrait session with about 15 people.
a girl in a long sleeve pink dress hugs a girl in a peach lace dress while a third girl wearing a cream colored dress spins around at The Blank Space Studios

Photo Studios for Family Portraits

Whether you love beautiful, neutral interiors, or you want to enjoy the comforts of the indoors (or if you really want a bathroom close by), photo studios are fantastic locations for your family portraits! With so many great studios around, you can easily find a studio that fits your tastes and needs.

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