It’s the day you’ve been waiting for- the moment you’ve dreamed of your entire life. You’re getting married! And the wedding will be spectacular. Whether you’re planning a small ceremony or the event of the season, you need an amazing photographer. The wedding photographer doesn’t just capture the love beaming from the groom’s face as he adores your wedding gown. The photos you print and hang on your wall will remind you every day of the love you share as you build a life together. Over the years, pictures of your budding relationship will revive tender memories.

Will you shed a tear during your first dance or laugh as he tries to ‘carefully’ feed you a slice of the wedding cake? We’ll capture that! We make sure you get stunningly posed, heartwarming pictures- as well as candid photos- so you can fill your wedding album with every single memory. Your wedding is as unique and individual as you are as a couple. We hope the photo you choose to put up on your wall at home represents the singular traits that define your relationship. A love as epic as yours deserves to be documented in all its vibrant splendor!

Wedding photography is more than just snapping pictures. We strive to fit seamlessly into your joyful day. Together, we’ll discuss the timeline and flow of the day’s events. From tossing the bouquet to slicing the cake, our careful planning will ensure no moment is missed. Do you have a large family or wedding party? Do you have particular poses in mind? When it comes to directing large groups- including children- we’ll make sure your wedding photos are filled with all the smiling faces you never want to forget.

Details make a wedding. You have worked tirelessly to ensure each selected flower and invitation font feels right. Dress after dress was wrong until the ‘one’ miraculously appeared. All of the details YOU select contribute to the spectacular ambiance of your wedding day. Preserve those details! Your wedding dress may be stored away for safe keeping, but its vivid memory will live on in the wedding album. Years from now, as you tenderly thumb through the photos that have lasted all this time, your children and their children will enjoy the stories you have to share about your wedding. They will have so many questions! What style was your dress? Which flowers were trending? Was your wedding traditional or contemporary? Your photos will provide a visual representation of every part of your wedding ceremony, reception, and endearing moments.

We can help with recommendations for locations. Based out of Eagle Mountain, Utah, we are very familiar with Utah County and the surrounding areas. We travel wherever you need us to, from Provo to Sundance, to private venues or temples. Melissa Woodruff Photography is experienced in shooting weddings that are luxurious or intimate, traditional or contemporary. Your wedding pictures will be stunning whether you plan an indoor or outdoor wedding.

We do our best to think of everything so you can simply relax and enjoy your special day. Whether you have a packed schedule or casual reception, we are up for the job. As we review your timeline and make recommendations to ensure optimal lighting, we’ll utilize the best equipment and methods for the job. You don’t need to worry about the final product- that’s our job! You get to relax, enjoy your day, and embrace the joy you feel on your special day.

Your wedding day will be beautiful. Your pictures should be, too!

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