a woman wearing a white lace dress and a man wearing a navy polo shirt and gray slacks holding hands on their date in Utah County

5 Fun Date Ideas in Utah County

Looking for something to do besides dinner and a movie? Whether you’ve just met or you’ve been dating for a while, these ideas will help you two get to know each other better. (And maybe help you get your relationship to the next level!) Utah County has great dating locations whatever your interests or if you like variety…try them all. Here are 5 ideas for dates in Utah County.

a woman in a white lace dress smiles at her fiancé wearing a navy blue polo shirt and gray slacks as they walk in Quail Cove Park

Just Add Chocolate

What’s better than getting a box of chocolates from your date? Your date taking you to a chocolate factory! Just Add Chocolate is located has two convenient locations in Utah County. This is a top 5 date idea because date night workshops can be booked privately after 4:30 p.m. You get to learn how to be a chocolatier, and then take all your favorite flavors home or enjoy them on a romantic walk.

an engaged couple hold hands as they walk on the grass with a beautiful blossoming tree behind them at Quail Cove Park

Timpanogos Cave National Monument

If you love the outdoors and want some adventure, check out Timpanogos Cave National Monument. This Utah County date idea requires good shoes or hiking boots and a generous time allotment (all for the benefit of getting to know one another better). Located in America Fork Canyon, this is a great place to get away without distractions. Enjoy the beautiful scenery as you hike the path to the caves. Access to the caves is limited and can only be entered by guided tour. (Check the website before you go, access to the caves is seasonal.) The breathtaking colors and formations in the caves are truly worth the time to get there.

Bonus, it’s a great place to go in Utah’s hot summer as the canyon and caves are significantly cooler than the valleys. Just make sure to bring lots of water… and maybe a picnic as there are ample spaces to eat…and build a romantic campfire…by rolling mountain streams.

Salsa Chocolate

Are you and your date night owls? Grab some dinner and then head over to The Salsa Chocolate in downtown Provo, open Mondays and Thursdays from 9 p.m.-1 a.m. Don’t know how to dance? No problem! The first hour is set aside for dance lessons. They teach Salsa along with other Latin and ballroom dances. After 10 p.m. is open dance time, when you and your date can stay close and enjoy the night!

Ashton Gardens

Want to slow down and smell the roses? The Ashton Gardens at Thanksgiving Point (located in northern Utah County) is an ideal place to take your date! With over 17 different themed gardens, It’s a great place to connect to nature and each other. There’s no hurry as you waltz through over 50 acres of landscaped space. Take time to enjoy the “largest manmade waterfall in America.” Tip: Check the Ashton Gardens website ahead of time to make sure you catch any special features or events such as the annual Tulip Festival.

Date going well? Check out the Harvest Restaurant (conveniently close to the Ashton Gardens) at Thanksgiving Point. This personal fave (open for lunch and dinner) continues the relaxed and romantic ambience of the gardens. Plus, the food is fresh and delicious!

a woman wearing a white lace dress and her fiancé wearing a navy blue polo shirt lean against a blossoming tree in American Fork

The Escape Date

Love adventure and mystery? Check out The Escape Date in Pleasant Grove, one of the best rated escape rooms in all of Utah and conveniently located in Utah County. With four different escape rooms (and a 5th coming soon) this date idea is tons of fun! You can save the show, find missing persons, become a tycoon or save the world! What will you and your date find the most exciting and can you get out in time? Escape experiences are always private bookings, so you just have find the right time to have an adventure…together.

A man wearing a navy blue polo shirt and gray slacks lifts his fiancée in the air during their date at Quail Cove Park in Utah County

Date Ideas in Utah County

Whether your an early bird, night owl, adrenal junking or enjoy taking it slow, Utah County has fun date ideas for you.

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