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Welcome to our blog! As wedding and portrait photographers for Salt Lake, Utah County, and beyond, we get to meet incredible people and see spectacular sights. We invite you to sit back, relax, and let us show you the people and places that make us proud to call Utah our home!

a groom wearing a navy blue and his bride wearing a cream colored short sleeved wedding dress sit on a navy colored couch at Studio Miesh in Salt Lake City

Classic Natural Light Photography Studios in Salt Lake City Booking a studio can take some of the variables out of planning your photography sessions, especially in a place with mercurial weather like Salt Lake City. While summer (sunny & hot) and winter (snowy & cold) are somewhat reliable, spring and fall can be anything from […]

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The 3 Best Photography Studios in Salt Lake City for Engagements and Bridals

a man wearing a dark gray pullover and woman wearing a navy blue jacket at Tibble Fork Reservoir sit next to each other on a fence show for their winter engagement photos

Engagement photos capture one of the happiest events we want to remember for the rest of our lives. We hang them on our walls at home, place them on our desk at work, make them wallpaper on our favorite devices and send them out to family and friends. To mark your happy event you want […]

What to Wear for Amazing Winter Engagement Photos

A man smiles at his fiancee as they stand in front of the trees for their winter engagement session in Provo Canyon

Winter in Utah is unpredictable, to say the least. We have sunny days with temperatures in the 40s and crazy blizzard days with temperatures plummeting well below freezing. Sometimes we get both in the same week! With careful planning your winter engagement session can be successful (and even fun) regardless of what the weather is […]

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Tips for Your Winter Engagement Session

Winter engagement photo of a man in a black suit holds his fiancee wearing a navy blue dress outside the Utah State Capitol

Are you the kind of couple who believes that winter romance includes cuddling by the fire sipping hot chocolate while you watch snow fall outside? Do you prefer walking hand in hand on dry ground, instead of wading through knee-deep snow? We hear you! Thankfully, there are great locations throughout Utah to capture beautiful engagement […]

Great Locations for Winter Engagement Photos Without Snow