Hi! I'm Melissa Woodruff! My husband, Joseph, and I are a portrait and wedding photography team based in Eagle Mountain, Utah. We have five amazing, intelligent, beautiful kids (we're not biased or anything), and two friendly cats.


We create bright images with vibrant colors for joyful brides who want to remember every detail and moment of their wedding day.


We believe that the images we capture can give our couples a powerful anchor - a visible connection to the joy and love they felt in that moment. We hope that providing that anchor will help our clients be as blessed in their marriage as Joseph and I have been in ours.


  • Joseph and I met online and eloped exactly 60 days after the day we met in person. We've been married for over 18 years!
  • We LOVE hiking!!! We're always looking for new hikes that are challenging but won't kill us. LOL
  • Joseph's and my mothers grew up within 10 miles of each other in Pennsylvania.
  • I'm a foodie. I read food blogs, articles about food, recipes, you name it. Thanks to all of that reading (and our pressure cooker), my cooking has been upgraded from "awful" to "wow, that was actually edible!"
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Serving Salt Lake County, Utah County, and Beyond