Your senior year is such an exciting time! You're about to complete a huge milestone in your life! Hopefully you are beginning to discover how unique and remarkable you are. No matter if you're shy or confident, great at english or a science wiz, a track star or captain of the debate team, the world needs YOU and your unique gifts and talents. Your senior session is a great time to let who you are shine through- to show the world (and maybe even yourself) that you're amazing and you have an incredible future ahead of you! I walk you through every pose and action so that you can feel free to relax and just be you.


Senior sessions start at 60 minutes and include one photographer and 50 miles of travel. I work with you to pick out outfits that both fit your personality and work well with your location. You may have as many outfits and locations as we can fit into 60 minutes, although in my experience, there is usually only enough time for two outfits and one location. You can always add more time if you'd like more outfits and/or locations.

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