Summer Mountain Bridal Portrait Session

Have I told you all how much Joseph and I love bridal sessions when the groom comes? These sessions give our brides and grooms a chance to spend some time together, typically in a beautiful, quiet location, away from the crowds. We love giving our brides and grooms a much needed break from the craziness of planning their wedding, and a chance to experience a taste of the joy that’s coming!

We were all hoping that the COVID craziness would calm down by Kayli’s and Mo’s wedding. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case. The situation hadn’t changed, but Kayli and Mo were just as energetic and happy at their bridal session as they were at their engagement session. Nothing seemed to take away from the joy and excitement that they felt!

Once again Kayli and Mo picked a perfect location. Big Cottonwood Canyon is nothing short of breathtaking in the summer when the wildflowers are in bloom! Not only are there numerous beautiful places to take pictures, the high elevation gave us all a reprieve from the late July heat.

Anything is possible,” was once again the motto at their session. Whether I asked them if they could balance on a large, fallen log, or climb up a steep hill, their answer was always the same. Kayli and Mo embraced every part of their bridal session with zeal and enthusiasm!

Kayli and Mo- Joseph and I are so excited for your wedding! You are such an amazing couple. We can’t wait to capture the beginning of your new life together. See you next month!

View Kayli and Mo’s engagement session HERE!

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