Summer Family Session in Little Cottonwood Canyon

I don’t usually respond to requests for recommendations for family photographers on our local Facebook groups. It feels a little weird recommending myself. Karen’s family goes to our church so when I saw her post asking for a recommendation, I felt comfortable reaching out to her. I’m so glad I did! She exclaimed that she loved our vibrant colorful style.

Karen wanted her family portraits taken at Albion Basin during wildflower season. It sounded spectacular! We were dismayed when we heard that the Forest Service was charging photographers almost $200 to take pictures up there. Karen said that paying $200 extra for the session was completely worth it to get amazing family pictures. I nervously chuckled and thought to myself, “Uh, no pressure!”

There was quite a crowd on the day of our session, despite it being on a weeknight. It took quite awhile to get up to the wildflower fields. It was nothing short of a miracle that we got parking spots! The battle was worth it, though. Albion Basin was even more incredible than I had imagined! Thousands of wildflowers in numerous colors and shapes covered the fields! 

We had such a great experience taking pictures of Karen, Jonathan, and their kids. Maddie was just adorable! It was so fun watching her giggle and dance. David was quite a suprise! I’ve never seen a boy follow my directions so well and look so natural the whole time. And he did it without complaining!  Joseph and I probably took close to 100 pictures just of Maddie and David! I had a hard time narrowing them down.

Karen and Jonathan were a great couple! Their personalities really complemented each other. It was very obvious that Karen and Jonathan adored their kids. We felt privelaged to witness some very tender moments between them.  It was truly heartwarming to see how much joy and love there was in their family. 

Karen- thank you so much asking us to take your family portraits! We appreciate you putting your faith in us.

I just love mother/daughter portraits!

Future model and heartbreaker?

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