Epic Family Session at Little Sahara

I have photographed Karen and Jonathan’s family for their family photos for the past several years! They have two amazing kids, and I always have a blast with them. This time, I brought them to the Little Sahara for their family session.

I’ve heard so many good things about this location, but this is the first time I’ve actually gone! It was so worth it. The sand dunes were just as fantastic as predicted. There was sand as far as the eye could see, an amazing setting for this family!

I’ve done three other family sessions with them. The first one was at Albion Basin. Read about it here! I also did one in Murray, and another in Salt Lake City before they moved out-of-state. 

We’re so excited that they moved back this year! We’ve missed our sessions with them. 

One thing I really love about this family is that they’re all extremely close, especially the kids. They spend so much time together! Whether it’s hiking, going on vacations, or doing activities around town, they’re always close-knit. Talk about goals!

Karen also did an amazing job coordinating their outfits! I love how they all pop off the background, rather than “match.” Even though three of them wore white, their outfits were different enough that they didn’t blend into each other. 

I especially loved Karen’s dress! That shade of blue was the perfect accent color against the sand. It had amazing movement to the skirt. The wind played with the flowy fabric, which added an extra layer of interest to the photos!

They also did the entire session barefoot. The sand was so soft, so it made complete sense. It was a perfect blend of dressy and casual. Great choice!

While I was taking some photos of Karen and Jonathan, Joseph caught some really fun candid shots of the kids playing with each other! Later, he took this fantastic one of Karen playing with her daughter. He’s seriously the king of candids! 

It was so amazing to see you all again! The kids have grown so much, and I’m so excited to continue documenting your family. I hope you enjoyed your family session at Little Sahara as much as I did!

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