Autumn Senior Portrait Session in American Fork

I’ve known Chloe’s mom for over 12 years. I took Chloe’s two older sisters’ senior portraits and Joseph and I took pictures at her oldest sister’s wedding. It’s so crazy to see another of my friend’s kids get ready to graduate high school! What’s even crazier is that Chloe is only a little older than my oldest son. Yikes!

Chloe has a lot of interests and hobbies but one of my favorite things about her is that she plays the base drum in the Lehi High School marching band. In fact, they came in first place in their division at the Davis Cup on Saturday! Next month they will be competing in the regional marching band competition in Saint George. Go Lehi High School!!!

Another thing I love about Chloe is that she loves hiking and exploring! I was thrilled when she asked to have her senior photos taken at the Alpine Loop. There are so many beautiful stops along the way! We decided that it was best to plan on a 2 hour senior session so that we had more wiggle room to explore. 

It had been rainy off and on the previous week so I was prepared to let Chloe use one of my clear umbrellas if necessary, but thankfully it wasn’t needed. The weather was gorgeous! The sun shined brightly through the trees, making the yellow leaves glow behind Chloe.

Autumn is a fantastic time to hold senior portrait sessions because of all of the beautiful fall colors! When taking pictures in the fall, it’s important to wear colors that don’t compete with the vivid background. Chloe’s outfits were perfect because the colors and styles she chose to wear allowed her to really stand out in her photos!

The best colors to wear with locations with primarily yellow leaves are black, light khaki, cream, light blue, burgundy, purple, navy, light blue, and possibly brown, or sage green.

If your location has a mix of yellow, orange, and red leaves, great colors to wear are black, cream, khaki, sage green, forest green, white, navy, and denim.

Some locations on the Alpine Loop have beautiful yellow leaves along side deep green evergreen trees. Light blue, cream, burgundy, and white look great in those areas!

In any of these locations, solid colors are a must in order to pop off the background in senior portraits!

I can honestly say that this was the most fun I’ve ever had at a senior portrait session! Exploring the Alpine Loop in the Fall was just heaven. Chloe- congratulations on your upcoming high school graduation and good luck in Saint George next month! 

high school senior in a grove of trees with yellow leaves
senior portrait session in a grove of trees with yellow leaves
senior portrait session in a grove of trees with yellow leaves
high school senior leaning against an aspen tree in Autumn
high school senior portrait session in Aspen Trees
close up of high school senior smiling
senior portrait session at the Alpine Loop in the fall
high school senior in aspen trees in the fall
High school senior walking through aspen trees in American Fork
senior portrait session at Aspen Grove, Provo in Autumn
senior portrait session at Aspen Grove, Provo
high school senior laughing
senior photos on a bridge at Cascade Springs
high school senior on a bridge at Cascade Springs
senior portraits at Cascade Springs in Autumn
senior portrait session at Cascade Springs in the fall
high school senior portraits in front of trees with red leaves
high school senior holding a leaf in front of tree with red leaves

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